Leopard Geckos

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Leopard Gecko Care Sheet and First-Time Owners Guide

by Johnathan David in Lizards

The Leopard Gecko is a beautifully unique reptile that is famous for their striking leopard-like appearance and huge fat-storage tail. Geckos are cute, docile and friendly little lizards with many interesting behaviors and endearing vocalizations. Read More →

Bearded Dragons



Halloween Moon Crab posing for the camera

Halloween Moon Crab

The Halloween moon crab is a colorful crab species hailing from coastal forests in the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the Americas. Halloween moon crabs are tame and highly adaptable to life in captivity, but they require constant attention, so Read More →

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Pygmy Сhameleon in forest

Pygmy Chameleon: Care Guide & Species Profile

by Johnathan David in Lizards

The pygmy chameleon is a tiny lizard reaching only 4 inches in length. These small chameleons are found in forests and woodlands of central East Africa, including countries like Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Pygmy chameleons are Read More →
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