33 Cute Snakes You Have to See to Believe

Snakes make very cute pets!

They are curious, interesting, friendly and all-around adorable.

But not all cute snakes make good pets.

Some species are difficult to tame and will keep their wild instincts. This can mean they show some defensive behaviors and require advanced husbandry.

If you are looking for a snake that is both charming and docile, then keep reading to discover our favorite 33 species…

Cute Snakes

33. Eyelash Viper

Eyelash Viper

The eyelash viper is a species of pit viper from Central and South America.

It is a beautiful snake that should be admired from a distance!

What makes them especially cute is their eyelashes that are actually scales protruding from above their eyes!

  • Color: Orange-yellow or gold.
  • Pattern: Solid color with prominent scales.
  • Size: 1 – 2.5 feet.
  • Pet species: No.

32. Asian Vine Snake

Asian Vine Snake

The Asian Vine Snake is a member of the Colubrid family from south Asia.

Like many viper species they are usually not kept by beginners.

This snake’s green body, open mouth and horizontal pupil splits make them look like Kermit the Frog!

They are also quite cute when they open their wide mouths as they appear to be giving you a big smile.

  • Color: Green.
  • Pattern: Solid green with hints of black and blue.
  • Size: 6 feet.
  • Pet species: No.

31. Wild Carpet Python

Wild Carpet Python

There is something about carpet pythons that many people find adorable.

It might be the way their jaw line gives them a little smile.

Or it might be their large round unblinking eyes.

  • Color: Black, dark brown and tan.
  • Pattern: Leopard-like patches.
  • Size: 5 – 9 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

30. Jaguar Carpet Python

Jaguar Carpet Python

Jaguar carpet pythons are as cute as any pet. They have large eyes and a feisty personality.

What makes this snake one of the cutest is its beautiful appearance and cool name.

The jaguar name comes from their colorful jaguar-like appearance.

  • Color: Cream, tan and black.
  • Pattern: Black-ringed tan or black spots or stripes.
  • Size: 5 – 9 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

29. California Kingsnake

California Kingsnake

California Kingsnakes are adorable to look at because of their small heads and large round eyes.

Their calm temperament also makes them great with beginners and children.

They are a calm and docile species that even enjoy being held.

  • Color: Black and white.
  • Pattern: Alternating bands.
  • Size: 3 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

28. Banana California Kingsnake

Banana California Kingsnake

The banana morph is a cuter variety of the wild type California Kingsnake.

Banana California kingsnakes have a light banana-yellow color and black spots that will remind you of a certain fruit.

These cute snakes are also docile and great with children.

  • Color: Cream-yellow and black.
  • Pattern: Black spots.
  • Size: 3 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

27. Reverse Dotted California Kingsnake

Reverse Dotted California Kingsnakes are another friendly and adorable snake.

What makes this snake so beautiful is their big black Dalmatian-like spots.

They also enjoy being held so can take a very cute picture.

  • Color: White and black.
  • Pattern: Dalmatian-like spots.
  • Size: 3 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

26. High White California Kingsnake

High White California morphs are nearly an all-white species.

Their white body gives them an angelic appearance.

All Kingsnakes have unproportionable large eyes. But, this snake’s dark eyes appear even bigger because of the contrast with their white scales.

  • Color: White.
  • Pattern: Black speckles.
  • Size: 3 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

25. Rosy Boa

Rosy Boa

The Rosy Boa is a small snake from southwestern North America. They are one of just two species of Boa in the States.

Rosy Boas have pale heads and dark eyes that give them a charming appearance.

Their rosy-pink color gives them an all-around adorable cuteness.

They are friendly and have a docile personality so make a great pet snake.

  • Color: Rosy-brown.
  • Pattern: Alternating stripes.
  • Size: 2 – 4 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

24. Albino Rosy Boa

Albino Rosy Boa

If you consider the Rosy Boa’s friendly demeanor and calm temperament then the albino species only gets cuter!

Albino Rosy Boas have bright red eyes and are lighter in color than the standard rosy pink and white.

  • Color: Rosy-white and orange.
  • Pattern: Alternating stripes.
  • Size: 2 – 4 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

23. Axanthic Rosy Boa

The axanthic Boa has all of the great qualities of a Rosy Boa in a more beautiful body.

Axanthic Rosy Boas have a blue and gray color.

They are also friendly, safe to handle and easy to care for.

  • Color: Gray and gray-blue.
  • Pattern: Alternating stripes.
  • Size: 2 – 4 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

22. Snow Rosy Boa

The snow rosy boa is actually not rosy in color!

Snow Rosy Boas are completely white. They could make a very good snake angel.

Their big black eyes contrast beautifully with their white scales.

The Snow Rosy Boa’s angelic personality makes them a great pet.

  • Color: White.
  • Pattern: None.
  • Size: 2 – 4 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

21. Anthill Python

Anthill Python

Anthill pythons are a species known for being never too far away from termite mounds – not ant nests (despite their name). These mounds attract lots of prey such as smaller lizards and mammals for Anthill Pythons.

They live in hilly and rocky areas and are native to western Australia.

These cute snakes are also nicknamed pygmy pythons because of their small adult size.

They are known to be adorable and very mild-mannered in captivity.

  • Color: Brown and dark brown.
  • Pattern: Spots.
  • Size: 1.5 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

20. Rough Green Snake

Rough Green Snake

Rough Green Snakes are a small nonvenomous species from North American. They are also known as grass snakes.

The rough green snake is one of the cutest snakes for two reasons.

1. Their curved jaw gives them a permanent happy face.

2. They love flashing smiles!

  • Color: Green and yellow.
  • Pattern: Yellow underbelly.
  • Size: 1.75 – 2.75 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

19. Smooth Green Snake

Smooth Green Snake

The smooth green snake is very similar to the rough green species above.

One adorable difference between the two is this species’ head is slightly smaller, but their eyes are the same size.

These slender snakes are so small they can curl up in the palm of your hand.

Their bright green scales give them a colorful appearance with a yellow-white underbelly and pale green eyes.

  • Color: Green.
  • Pattern: None.
  • Size: 1 – 1.75 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

18. Ringneck Snake

Ringneck Snake

Ringneck Snakes are more striking than adorable.

This species’ tiny size makes them beautiful to watch.

They also have a yellow ring around their neck that makes it look like they are wearing a tiny necklace.

Ringneck snakes can be shy and docile in nature. They would rather resort to showing you their underbelly than to try and bite! They are found throughout most of the United States, northern Mexico and southern Canada.

  • Color: Black, yellow, orange and red.
  • Pattern: Yellow neck ring and a yellow to red gradient underbelly.
  • Size: 1.5 – 2 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

17. Bimini Blind Snake

Bimini Blind Snake

At first glance Bimini Blind Snakes look like an earthworm.

Upon closer inspection you will find this tiny snake has a mouth and a pair of eyes! You can hold several of these snakes in the palm of your hand.

Bimini Blinds are not very common and are usually never kept as pets.

  • Color: Brown-red-black.
  • Pattern: Earthworm-like.
  • Size: 6 inches.
  • Pet species: No.

16. Garter Snake

Garter Snake

Garter snakes are a common species found throughout North and Central America.

It is not uncommon to find them in your backyard.

They are very popular pets as they are relatively harmless and medium-sized.

Their large eyes contribute to their cute appearance and they love to stick their tongue out.

  • Color: Brown, red, black, gray or olive.
  • Pattern: Stripes and spots.
  • Size: 2 – 4 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

15. Ball Python

Ball Python

Ball Pythons are the most popular species of pet snake. They have large dark eyes that give them a cute appearance

But, it is really their curling behavior which makes them charming.

The ball python is named after their behavior of curling into a ball when they feel threatened.

They love curling themselves around things. After a few weeks they will even curl around your hand!

  • Color: Dark brown and black.
  • Pattern: Variable.
  • Size: 2 – 5 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

14. Piebald Ball Python

Piebald Ball Python

Piebald Ball Pythons are similar to wild Ball Pythons, however, they have beautiful patches of white.

These large patches of plain white skin give them a cute appearance.

Like all Ball Pythons piebalds have a natural tendency to curl into a tight ball.

  • Color: White.
  • Pattern: Tan and black patches.
  • Size: 2 – 5 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

13. Scaleless Ball Python

Scaleless ball pythons are very rare. It is not very common to see this morph in captivity and it is one of the most unusual snakes in this list.

This species retains the typical Ball Python pattern but has very few scales.

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting this species you will know how charming they are.

  • Color: Pink and brown.
  • Pattern: Alternating bands and spots.
  • Size: 2 – 5 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes (rare).

12. Bumblebee Ball Python

Bumblebee Ball Python

The Bumblebee ball python morph is another rare type of Ball Python.

Bumblebee morphs have dark eyes that match the thin black bands on their back. This morph may just remind you of a furry little bumble bee.

These morphs are just like any other ball python and are fun to keep as pets.

  • Color: Yellow and black.
  • Pattern: Thin black bands.
  • Size: 2 – 5 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

11. Banana Ball Python

Banana Ball Python

This cute snake has a rosy brown base color and is spotted all over with banana-yellow patches. Banana Ball Pythons are cute because of their yellow color and black spots.

Sometimes the banana morph is bred with the piebald morph to produce a snake mostly white in color with large patches of banana-yellow and rosy brown.

  • Color: Brown and yellow.
  • Pattern: Yellow spots.
  • Size: 2 – 5 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

10. Kenyan Sand Boa

Kenyan Sand Boa

The Kenyan sand boa is cute because of its tiny head. This cute snake is like a long tube with eyes on the end!

They also have bright eyes and a little grin. It is no wonder why people think this is a cute snake.

Many people also find their sand-digging and burrowing behaviors adorable too.

  • Color: White, brown, red or black.
  • Pattern: Brown, red or black back patches.
  • Size: 1 – 1.5 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

9. Corn Snake

Corn Snake

Corn Snakes have one of the best personalities of all the pet snakes in this list.

They are one of the most calm and docile species.

Corn snakes can be held frequently, even by beginners and children!

  • Color: Orange, red and white.
  • Pattern: White underbelly.
  • Size: 2 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

8. Strawberry Corn Snake

Strawberry Corn Snakes are small, cute and pink snakes that are lighter in color than the wild type Corn Snake.

They have a faint pink body with red eyes. Many keepers find their red eyes very charming.

Most strawberry corn snakes are light with red spots. Snow morphs combined with this red morph produce a unique species that has baby-pink and white skin.

  • Color: Pink and white with red eyes.
  • Pattern: Alternating bands.
  • Size: 2 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

7. Scaleless Corn Snake

Corn Snake

The scaleless corn snake is a pattern morph that does not have scales on their body.

Because of their lack of scales their smiles are more prominent and cuter when compared with standard Corn Snakes.

Just like the scaleless Ball Python, they are very rarely kept as pets and are difficult to find.

  • Color: Pale red and orange.
  • Pattern: Less intense color.
  • Size: 2 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes (rare).

6. Diffused Corn Snake

Diffused Corn Snake

The Diffused Corn Snake is another cute pattern morph.

Diffused Corn Snakes are considered more beautiful than cute and are a vivid red color.

These snakes are also known as blood red due to their bright red appearance. This trait results from a recessive gene that takes away any solid checkered pattern.

  • Color: Bright red.
  • Pattern: Slightly noticeable stripes or spots.
  • Size: 2 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

5. Palmetto Corn Snake

Palmetto Corn Snake

Palmetto Corn Snakes are one of the cutest corn snakes.

It is one of only a few species that have adorable light gray eyes and a mostly white body.

Many beginners love this snake’s cute freckled pattern.

  • Color: White and orange or gray.
  • Pattern: Single colored scales.
  • Size: 2 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

4. Anerythristic Corn Snake

Anerythristic Corn Snake

Anerythristic Corn Snakes are a complete contrast to the palmetto morph above.

The anerythristic corn snake has a mix of darker colors that complement their large dark eyes. This pretty reptile is sometimes called a Black Albino.

This morph results from an inherited recessive mutation that lacks yellow, red and orange pigment.

  • Color: White, gray-blue, brown or black.
  • Pattern: Patches and spots.
  • Size: 2 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

3. Albino Corn Snake

Albino Corn Snake

Albinos are the cutest corn snake you can find!

These snakes are mostly white but will have bright reds and oranges that make them very charming.

This species in similar in some ways to the reverse dotted California kingsnake and the palmetto morph in this list.

  • Color: Red, orange, white or yellow.
  • Pattern: Alternating bands of cream .
  • Size: 2 – 6 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

2. Snow Hognose Snake

Snow Hognose

Snow Hognose snakes are an adorable pale species that has large red eyes.

These cute snakes also have great personalities and make great pets.

They are not likely to bite. They would rather puff up to appear menacing rather than attack, but it is certainly difficult to appear menacing with a face like that!

  • Color: White or cream.
  • Pattern: Faint spots.
  • Size: 1 – 3 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.

1. Hognose Snake

Hognose Snake

Wild type hognoses are found in forests in the southeastern United States.

Hognose Snakes are likely the cutest snake you will see!

The hognose species have some of the largest eyes and are loved for their little upturned noses.

If you ask a vet what is the cutest snake, Hognose is one of the most popular answers!

  • Color: Brown, tan and black.
  • Pattern: Alternating bands.
  • Size: 1 – 3 feet.
  • Pet species: Yes.


Snakes are fascinating reptiles and contribute to the biodiversity on Earth.

There are many cute snake species.

California Kingsnakes, Rosy Boas, Hognose, Ball Pythons and Corn snakes are cute species and suitable for beginners.

All of these species are generally hardy and docile. They are also easy to care for and enjoying being handled.

What do you think the cutest species is? Let us know in the comments below!

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