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If you are an experienced-hobbyist, many of our authors won’t be new to you as they have written in many industry publications and scientific journals. You can find out more about them below:

Johnathan David With a Frog

Johnathan David

Editor of Everything Reptile

Johnathan David leads the Everything Reptiles’ editorial team as our Editor in Chief.
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Carley-Martin MacFarlane

Snakes Author

Carley is Everything Reptiles’ authority on snakes. She is currently a full-time student at NC State University majoring in Zoology. Her degree is focused in entomology and paleontology, but her passion is reptiles. She has served as an officer in the university’s Herpetology Club, worked at an exotics-only vet clinic, and completed an internship at the Reptile Discovery Center and Medtoxin Venom Lab.


Lizards Author

Carlin is Everything Reptiles’ authority on lizards. She is currently double-majoring in Animal Science and Environmental Science for her undergraduate degree at UConn. A life-long reptile lover, she has years of pet experience with her Labrador, fish, and cuddly, adventurous Bearded Dragon! Carlin is in the pre-vet program to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a wildlife veterinarian.

Sophia Lesko

Sophia Lesko

Reptile Author

Sophia is currently a full-time student at the University of Connecticut, majoring in Animal Science and lizards a pre-veterinary track to become a small and companion animal veterinarian. Sophia has years of experience and knowledge of a wide variety of animals.

Lindsey Goodwin

Lindsey Goodwin

Snake and Lizards Author

Lindsey is a lifelong reptile lover. She is currently a junior at Auburn University majoring in wildlife ecology and management. She hopes to become a herpetologist and study venomous snakes. She has kept many different species, and currently owns ball pythons, bearded dragons, and a green iguana.


Annika Preheim

Snake and Lizards Author

Annika is currently a Junior studying zoology at NC State University. She hopes to go on to be an ichthyologist. She currently owns a small zoo of pets including tropical fish and a leopard gecko. She loves observing local wildlife and removing snakes from the neighbors’ garages.

Michael Ruoff

Michael Ruoff


Michael is a college student with a love for wildlife. He has grown up with an interest in the ecology and diversity of reptiles and amphibians and is pursuing degrees in Wildlife Biology and Zoology at Colorado State University.