4 Best Bearded Dragon Terrariums, Tanks & Cages

Before you bring home a pet Beardie, you will first need to choose a tank. A good terrarium is essential to keeping a healthy bearded dragon. But, not all bearded dragon terrariums are the same.

Bearded dragon enclosures should be spacious and secure without costing a fortune. The best enclosures will also be well-ventilated, able to withstand heat and sturdy.

Finding a terrarium for a bearded dragon can be hard. They range in price, design, safety, and durability. Beardies kept in the wrong terrarium can suffer a shortened lifespan, higher stress, and injury.

In this article we give our review on the five best bearded dragon terrariums. We share in-depth reviews, build quality information, and what we like about each cage. By the end of our guide you will be able to pick the best terrarium for your bearded dragon.


REPTI ZOO 85-Gallon Glass Reptile Terrarium

Your bearded dragon will love the size of this cage! You will also love the ability to watch your dragon’s natural behaviors behind the low-reflectivity glass. This glass is highly resistant to scratching from a beardie’s claws and is very easy to clean. See Price on Amazon

Four Best Bearded Dragon Terrariums

Bearded Dragon Terrarium

Editor’s Picks Cage Our Rating
Best Overall REPTI ZOO 85-Gallon Reptile Terrarium 5
Best for Beginners Carolina Cages Extra-Long 120-Gallon 4.5
Most Affordable Exo Terra Large 67-Gallon Tank 4.3

Best Overall Tank: REPTI ZOO 85-Gallon Reptile Terrarium

REPTI ZOO 85-Gallon Glass Reptile Terrarium This REPTI ZOO 85-Gallon Reptile Terrarium is a great enclosure for an adult bearded dragon. It has plenty of room in all directions for a natural setup, without being too big. It is also well designed with good ventilation and several ergonomic installation features for heaters, thermometers and lights. The tank comes disassembled but has a very easy setup process.

REPTI ZOO 85-Gallon Terrarium Features

REPTI ZOO 85-Gallon Glass Reptile Terrarium

Your bearded dragon will love the size of this cage! You will also love the ability to watch your dragon’s natural behaviors behind the low-reflectivity glass. This glass is highly resistant to scratching from a beardie’s claws and is very easy to clean. See Price on Amazon

This terrarium is one of the best we have seen in terms of design, safety and functionality.

We found this terrarium to be very secure. The top, which has the option to be removed, is held in place by swivel locks. The front doors also feature a lock that requires a key to open.

Front sliding doors are the best option for a bearded dragon terrarium. They are easier to access than a traditional top-open tank. This model has double sliding front-open doors that can be opened just a few inches or all the way.

During feeding, the doors can be opened just enough to add insects or greens to your Beardie’s bowl. For cleaning, substrate changes and adding large climbing décor the doors can be opened to their full width. The doors open so wide beginners will not have to worry about bumping their dragon’s head or tail during handling.

This tank also features a full mesh top. This top has mesh holes that are slightly larger than normal to help with enclosure airflow and UVB penetration. It also had an added mesh panel on the left side for increased ventilation. This panel helps to create a good heat gradient, but also allows excess humidity to escape and circulates clean air around the enclosure. Because of this mesh panel, you should not use this cage in a cool room. The extra ventilation causes a lot of heat loss.

Along with the basic enclosure, this terrarium comes with closable gaps for wires along the top. It also has a removable cable portal on the left side. We found the cable pass does obstruct the view on the left side, but its handiness is worth the obstructed view.

This terrarium comes disassembled, but it only took us 20 minutes to put together. Just be careful not to chip the glass panels when setting up the tank. Once put together it is very solid and sturdy.


  • Perfect size for an adult bearded dragon.
  • Handy cable portal for temperature and humidity gauges and lights.
  • Durable and high-quality design with closable gaps for wires.
  • Well-ventilated for increased airflow and UVB penetration.
  • Featured as our editor’s pick for the best bearded dragon terrarium.


  • Glass panes may chip during installation.
  • Harder to regulate tank temperatures in cooler rooms because of the extra mesh.
  • Cable portal blocks the view on the left side.

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Best for Beginners: Carolina Cages Extra-Long 120-Gallon

120-Gallon Glass Reptile Tank by Carolina Custom Cages This Carolina Cages Extra-Long 120-Gallon enclosure is perfect for beginners. This bearded dragon terrarium has impressive clear glass sides, without any viewing obstructions, and sliding doors secured with a lock. This tank is the most secure out of all the enclosures on our list, though the extra security comes with a higher price tag.

Carolina Custom Cages 120-Gallon Tank Features

Carolina Custom Cages 120-Gallon Glass Tank

We love the design of this terrarium and the fact that all four sides offer clear and unobstructed viewing. When assembled, it looks great on a stand or other piece of furniture and has a simple look that still offers a huge amount of interior space for décor, backgrounds and equipment.
See Price on Amazon

This 120-gallon bearded dragon terrarium measures 48” x 24” x 24”. Buying a big enclosure for your bearded dragon means you can add a lot of décor without compromising your beardie’s ability to roam, climb, and dig. Due to its size, this tank is very heavy. However, it is also the sturdiest and safest terrarium we reviewed.

All Carolina Cages come with a mesh top, similar to REPTI ZOO’s terrariums. However, these mesh tops can be removed separately on each half of the enclosure. This is a great design feature that makes installing lights and accessing the interior of the tank much easier for beginners.

This cage also has double sliding front-open doors that are secured with a key lock. But, the handles are removable suction cups. These cups make cleaning the glass easy, but we found they can become unstuck if pulled too hard. This is mostly a superficial issue and does not impact the terrarium’s safety.

The sides on this enclosure are crystal clear. This tank is the only one on our list that gives you a 360° view of your bearded dragon. The clear glass also minimizes the risk that your Beardie will catch its own reflection in the glass and become stressed.

A downside of this glass is that it is thin, much thinner than the REPTI ZOO and Exo Terra models. This does not compromise the safety of this bearded dragon cage, but it does mean the floor can become hot when using an under-tank heater. However, this can easily be fixed by increasing the depth of your substrate or turning down the heater with a thermostat.


  • Large 120-gallon size can accommodate a lot of décor and is great for larger beardies.
  • Strong mesh top that can be removed separately on each half of the enclosure.
  • Crystal-clear 360° view glass.


  • Thin glass may become too hot when using an under-tank heater.
  • Once installed, the mesh top is hard to remove.

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Most Affordable: Exo Terra Large 65-Gallon Bearded Dragon Tank

Exo Terra Large 65-Gallon Bearded Dragon Tank Exo Terra’s Large 65-Gallon Bearded Dragon Tank is an affordable and extremely strong tank that would be perfect for a young bearded dragon or small adult. When compared to others on our list, this model is smaller. But, its outstanding build quality has made it one of our favorites.

Exo Terra Enclosure

Exo Terra’s Large Glass Tank

This Exo Terra bearded dragon terrarium features double hinged front-open doors with a snap locking mechanism. It also has a single piece mesh top, a decorative foam background and thick glass that is seamlessly sealed without the support bars of other tanks.
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This Exo Terra bearded dragon terrarium was recently featured as our editor’s pick for the most affordable tank. This is a nice, sturdy terrarium that is surprisingly high quality for the price.

While simpler in design than the other terrariums on this list, it has all the basic features any beginner will need. It also comes pre-assembled and is the sturdiest tank on our list. It has thick glass and is seamlessly sealed without support bars seen in other models.

This terrarium has good ventilation and the top is a fine screen mesh. Initially we were concerned the top was too fine and would restrict air circulation, but we found it did allow for good air circulation in the enclosure.

The best part about this tank is its price and build quality. The Exo Terra terrarium is a very strong build and features a natural-looking background to hide grooves in the back for wires and cords. Its foam construction also provides a perfect surface for beardies who like to climb!

If you are looking for a tank for a juvenile beardie, or are on a tighter budget, this is a great enclosure for a bearded dragon.


  • The tank comes ready to go and does not require any assembly.
  • Thick glass holds heat and humidity well.
  • Featured as our editor’s pick for the most affordable tank.
  • Simple design that is strong and durable.
  • Natural-looking foam background that is perfect for beardies to climb.


  • The front lock is easily opened and doesn’t have a key lock.
  • Opening the hinged doors creates a gap where a curious reptile could stick an arm or tail.

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Carolina Cages 65-Gallon Long Terrarium

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium The Carolina Cages 65-Gallon Long Terrarium is a top-quality tank and one of the best for a sub adult or juvenile. This bearded dragon terrarium is slightly too small for a fully-grown large bearded dragon but is perfect for a 10” young adult or juvenile.

Carolina Custom Cages 65-Gallon Long Terrarium

Carolina Custom Cage Tank
The long Carolina Custom Cage is a brilliant enclosure for young bearded dragons. It features a standard, lockable mesh top with built-in gaps for wires. The tank has sleek lines and a functional build that make it very practical.
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This is an excellent enclosure for younger bearded dragons and is very aesthetically pleasing. It has a functional build that features a lockable mesh top. The area of the top is 48”x18”, which gives you plenty of space for lights and heaters and holds up well against high heat.

Bearded dragon owners who prefer a disposable substrate (e.g. wood chips or alfalfa pellets) will find the base of this tank useful for layering. It is also deep enough that a young dragon should have plenty of room to dig.

This terrarium is very solid and has no loose parts. Even the sliding doors are snug in their tracks and don’t shake or vibrate from passing footsteps. However, if you plan to put any heavy heaters or lights on the top, we recommend reinforcing the top brace.

We found this tank took a bit longer for us to build. We spent a good 30 minutes extra, as the instructions are picture-based and take some figuring out. We later realized the glass was packaged in order of assembly, so make sure you don’t take the glass out of its packaging until you are ready.


  • Practical design and solid build with no loose parts.
  • Long-lasting lockable mesh top – even under extreme temperature.
  • Tank base is deep enough for lots of substrate to encourage digging.


  • Too small for a large fully-grown adult beardie.
  • The top it will need reinforcing if you plan to use heavy heaters.

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What To Know Before Buying A Bearded Dragon Terrarium

Bearded Dragon Tank Setup Based on the age of your dragon, what type of setup you want, and what budget you have, there are dozens of different terrariums available. When picking a terrarium for a Bearded Dragon, it is easy to think they are all more or less the same.

The design and size of a bearded dragon tank impact its safety, effectiveness and how long it will last. Despite the differences, good enclosures for bearded dragons have several things in common:

  • Size (120-gallon).
  • Design (made from glass, good ventilation).
  • Security (front opening doors with functioning latches).
  • Safety (sturdy with well-fitted top).

Size and safety are top priorities when buying a bearded dragon cage. The recommended terrarium size for an adult enclosure is 120 gallons. Do not buy one much bigger than this as it becomes harder to heat, clean and watch your Beardie.

The best terrariums are sturdy and escape proof. In addition, they have spaces for lights and heaters on top of the tank without any gaps or openings. The tops of low-quality tanks can get too hot or even warp from excess heat. This can cause burns and even lead to the heater falling through the top of the enclosure.


Size is the first thing to look for when buying an enclosure for a bearded dragon. A tank that is too small will increase your dragon’s risk of obesity, injury and stress. Larger terrariums will allow your beardie to regulate its body temperature along a temperature gradient.

Width and floor space are the best ways to tell if an enclosure is suitable.

Adult bearded dragon tanks should be at least 75-gallons, though 120-gallons is better.

A 48″x 18″ x 21″ (75-gallon) and 48″ x 24″ x 24″ tank (120-gallon) both have enough space an adult bearded dragon, plenty of substrate and décor.


Bearded dragons are not arboreal (i.e. tree lizards). They spend most of their time on the ground or climbing onto low branches and shrubs. Because of this, a horizontal terrarium is better than a vertical one.

An enclosure that is 20″ tall has plenty of head room. It is more important fot the floor should be at least 48 inches long.

Ventilation is also an important aspect of design.

Properly ventilated terrariums have good airflow that helps to regulate temperature and humidity.

In enclosures for bearded dragons, ventilation is almost always achieved with screen mesh tops or a mesh side panel. Screen tops are the best way to ventilate your bearded dragon’s tank as they still allow light and heat in.


Any bearded dragon cage should have key lock hood fixings, or cover clips. These lockable fixings help to keep screen top tanks secure and are a must-have if your terrarium opens from the top.

Terrariums with front-open doors should have a solid latch to secure the doors in place.

Bearded dragons are inquisitive and can accidentally push open the top of an enclosure while exploring.


Durable models are sturdy, heavy and solid with no loose parts. They are normally made of glass and metal. Materials like wood and PVC should be avoided by beginners.

Larger tanks over 100-gallons should also have strong support structures. Expect to see braces and crossbars that hold up the sides and top.

A well-made tank will last the lifespan of a bearded dragon and should not need to be replaced. A dragon that is kept in a single enclosure its whole life will feel more secure.

Door Openings

Most owners find that a front-opening terrarium is better than a top-opening one.

Front-opening doors are less likely to spook your beardie and provide easier access to the terrarium.

To a bearded dragon, a hand coming down from above may look like a predator. Lifting your dragon from the top also increases the risk of accidentally dropping them. Top-open tanks are also harder to access, especially with lighting and heating bulbs in the way.

Most tanks over 100-gallons have front-opening doors by default.

Common Terrarium Issues

Terrarium for a Bearded Dragon A common mistake first time keepers make is choosing an enclosure that is too small.

Smaller terrariums are usually cheaper and seem like a better size for younger bearded dragons. But, don’t be tempted! Bearded dragons grow quickly. A 20-gallon long terrarium will only be suitable for a dragon less than three months old.

Glass enclosures are the best bearded dragon terrariums, but sometimes the glass is too thick and reflective. This can be upsetting if a Beardie catches its reflection in the back or sides of the glass.

A bearded dragon that sees itself in the reflection of the glass may darken and puff out their beard, wave their arms, or hiss. If this happens, you can either cover the sides and back of your glass tank with a foam background. Or, you can add decorations to hide the reflective glass.

Terrariums that are not built specifically for reptiles should not be used.

They will not be safe for bearded dragons and are not well constructed. Often these models have parts that could scratch, pinch, or fall on your lizard.

Heat and light bulbs should also have a secure place to sit. Non-purpose tanks often do not have secure tops to house reptile lights and heaters.

While glass enclosures are highly recommended and widely available we do not completely discount the use of PVC options. A great choice is the 4’x2’x2′ Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosures with Wood Panels. This option is a 120-gallon equivalent with dimensions of 48 x 24 x 24 inches. This is a great size for a bearded dragon and actually on the upper end of the recommended size. You can fit all sorts of great accessories inside to make your pet as comfortable as possible. 

The enclosure includes front sliding and removable acrylic doors which is great for easy access and ideal for handling your pet. With a galvanized steel screen and support bars you have security and multiple lighting options to keep the environment just right. This tank is ideal for humidity levels below 50% for desert setups. An additional feature is a substrate shield which is included but optional for those with loose substrate.  

The bamboo sides retain heat and are actually better than glass for this function. Bamboo also helps to minimize reflection which helps prevent stress for your bearded dragon. While bamboo means there is only visual access into the enclosure on one side this is much healthier for your pet. With glass tanks weight is often an issue. 

You need to make sure that you position the enclosure somewhere secure and stable due to the heavy weight of glass and also will struggle to physically move the tank because of this. This tank is lightweight at only 54 lbs. Fully assembled it is a much better option in terms of versatility and being able to move it around with ease. 

The price point is comparable with its glass counterparts so this should not be an issue when considering which tank is best for you. Wire door lock and door wraps are now included making sure your pet will be safe and secure. While this option does not allow for under floor heating it is one of the very few cons to this great enclosure option. This tank has a simple setup and can be broken down with ease if it needs to be moved and set up elsewhere. 

When looking for a new home for your pet it is important to consider what will work best for you and your pet. There are a number of great options out there and each have their own pros and cons. Everyone will have their own preferences. It is safe to assume you should consider the number of options we have presented here and see what will suit you best. Whether it is glass or PVC, smaller or larger, expensive or affordable there is the perfect option for your bearded dragon.

Avoid Kits

It may seem counterintuitive, but our final tip is to avoid ready-made kits. Ready-made kits often come with a terrarium, lights, and décor.

These kits sound like a good idea. Unfortunately they are often poorly designed, too small and not durable.

Their poor quality makes them a potential safety hazard. It also means you will need to buy a replacement tank after a couple of months.

Bearded Dragon on a Tank

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Tank Does A Bearded Dragon Need?

Fully grown bearded dragons should be housed in a 75-gallon or 120-gallon terrarium. Some owners chose to use a 40-gallon enclosure for juveniles. However, juveniles are happy to live in a 75-gallon terrarium. Just make sure to provide some hiding spaces to help them feel safe.

Do I Need To Use A Stand With A Bearded Dragon Terrarium?

No, stands are not necessary for enclosures. However, some models like the Carolina 120-Gallon long tank are very heavy and look better with a stand.

If you decide not to use a stand, make sure the corners of your terrarium are raised to allow air to flow under the cage. This is especially important if you are using an under-tank heater to avoid overheating.

Should A Bearded Dragon Terrarium Have A Front Opening Door?

Yes, front-opening doors are the best for bearded dragon tanks. A front-opening door provides a safe way to handle your dragon and an easier way to move things in the enclosure and feed them.

Top-opening terrariums are harder to access without disturbing light or heating elements. Also, beardies do not like to be picked up from above.



REPTI ZOO 85-Gallon Glass Reptile Terrarium

Your bearded dragon will love the size of this cage! You will also love the ability to watch your dragon’s natural behaviors behind the low-reflectivity glass. This glass is highly resistant to scratching from a beardie’s claws and is very easy to clean. See Price on Amazon

The best bearded dragon terrariums are glass with front-open doors and mesh tops. These tanks retain heat, provide ventilation, and make a great enclosure for your bearded dragon.

Size, safety, and design are the top three aspects to consider when buying an enclosure for a bearded dragon. Hood fixings, door style, material, and durability come in a close second.

All bearded dragon terrariums should be sturdy, secure, large, and safe. The finer details about style, décor, and brand are up to you.

Is there another question you want us to answer? Or another model to review? Let us know in the comments. As an Amazon Associate I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases (learn more here).

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